NAEM's 2017 Corporate Sustainability Management Conference

Dana Sasarean, Senior Research Analyst; Sustainalytics


Dana Sasarean, Senior Research Analyst; Sustainalytics

Dana Sasarean is a Senior Analyst with Sustainalytics, an independent global responsible investment research firm that specializes in environmental, social and governance (ESG) data and analysis. With over ten years in the ESG research field, Dana's expertise is in the extractive industries, with extensive knowledge of the mining and oil and gas industries. Previously, Dana worked at Innovest, which through a series of mergers and acquisitions was acquired by RiskMetrics Group and then MSCI. Dana has covered some of the world's largest mining and oil and gas companies and developed expertise in several related ESG issues including health and safety, environmental management, energy and climate change, water and local community. Dana holds a Finance & Banking degree from West University (Romania) and a Master in Environmental Studies from York University.

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